We Are Light Haven

Our Purpose

Light Haven’s primary mission is to provide money for food and basic necessities to people who need it. There is no way to capture the true spirit of love or hope through a piece of paper. Money by itself does not provide hope, but hope comes when one person receives a much-needed gesture of care from another person; they see the light, they know someone cares, they know that they are loved, they know their cries for assistance haven’t gone unheard.

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our love of humankind

We care about you,
not your beliefs

Are you living paycheck to paycheck and need a small amount of money to make it through the week? Light Haven is here for you. Our services are available to anyone in need but our primary focus is on people who do not feel like they can turn to traditional charitable sources for help. At Light Haven we believe in “people over paper”.

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Good People is a social media platform designed with people in mind instead of profit; no news, no religion, no politics, just people talking to other people about whatever they want to talk about.

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Our Impact
“ Light Haven created opportunities for me to not only get through the week, but they gave me a new level of hope and positivity. ”

⸺ Lionel Davis