How To Get Involved

Money, by itself, does not provide hope. However, at Light Haven, we believe that hope Is illuminated when a person in need can see their needs met by community members who care.

No matter the amount, your donation will immediately go towards helping provide aid to someone in need. A donation to Light Haven is not just financial, it is a tangible reminder to the recipient that someone in this world cares about them. Your donation is a representation of compassion for a stranger, and love in the form of putting food on their table, paying a bill or simply helping them get to work that week. Your donation is a desperately needed life raft for some.

If you’re fortunate enough and have funds to spare, please donate. Our daily gifts of $25.00 can make or break a week; they can keep food on the table, they can keep the gas in the tank, and they can keep hope alive.

Through the power of community, your contribution, no matter how small, will transform into $25.00 and find its way to someone who truly needs it.

Your donation is a direct representation of love to a stranger, love from all to one, and we work hard to ensure that the recipient knows this.

Our Impact
“ Light Haven created opportunities for me to not only get through the week, but they gave me a new level of hope and positivity. ”

⸺ Lionel Davis