False Humanity

It may be obvious, but we should remember that humans are unique beings with the ability to create, grow, and evolve. We are closer to the divine than any object or creation that people consider holy, sacred or believe important. Yet, our society often values possessions and achievements more than the individuals themselves. We face a constant barrage of messages influencing our beliefs, desires, and values. However, we have the power to decide what truly matters in our lives and prioritize our well-being and that of those around us. Let’s embrace and appreciate the distinct beauty of our human experience.

Money cannot measure a person’s true worth. The genuine value of an individual lies in the goodness they spread, the joy they bring, and their positive impact on those around them. Life is not about accumulating wealth or strictly adhering to societal rules; rather, it’s about how we make others feel. The superficial values attributed to material possessions cannot compare to the powerful, real effects of making someone laugh or bringing them happiness. Material items have only the value assigned by humanity, with their “magic” derived solely from our perceptions – it’s time to shift our focus from materialism toward one another. Let’s concentrate on treating each other kindly and spreading positivity, ultimately making the world a better place for everyone.

It is crucial to remember that people are the foundation of our world. Jobs are meaningless without individuals to occupy them, religions lose significance without believers, and nations cease to exist without the support of their citizens. Oftentimes, we place excessive emphasis on institutions, allowing symbols such as flags to overshadow human emotions and written doctrine to surpass the importance of family bonds or caring for those with differing beliefs. Let us not lose sight of the significance of our connections with one another and the intrinsic value of human life.

The obsession with material possessions and exalting institutions in our current society has caused our values to become so warped that losing a job, failing in school or issues at a place of worship can be devastating for some. This pressure can even lead to violence against oneself or others. Therefore, tragedies like mass shootings, teen suicide, murder-suicide, and road rage, have become all too common – we are unravelling.

We need to realize that we’ve succumbed to the allure of our own creations. It’s time to redirect our devotion and energy from jobs, religion, politics, and societal concepts towards people, fostering love and support for one another.

Our worth isn’t defined by grades, religion, jobs, or where we live. We are more than flesh and bones; we are divine creations, connected to the universe through love, creativity, and thought. We possess unique qualities and are destined for universal greatness. Embrace peace, truth, and love; always remember who you truly are. Unlike material possessions, you have the power to assign value to yourself. Let’s unite and demonstrate the incredible things we can achieve when we stand together.